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Supplemental Essays

As you may know, supplemental essays are an essential part of your college application, providing a unique opportunity for you to showcase your personality, interests, and qualifications to admissions officers. A well-crafted supplemental essay can set you apart from other applicants and greatly increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream school.

Our team of experienced writers and editors will work with you to ensure that your supplemental essays are well-written, compelling, and tailored to each school's specific prompts.

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At LearnPlex Education, we believe that focusing on the essays and activity descriptions is the most effective way for students to create a strong impression on admissions officers. By honing in on these key components of the application, we help students present their best selves and stand out among the competition. With LearnPlex Education, you can be confident that you're investing in the future success of your young adult's academic journey.

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College Essay Development

We know that your college essay is your chance to make a great lasting impression on admissions officers, and our consultants are committed to helping you make the most of that opportunity.


We help you start from scratch and provide feedback on the overall structure, flow, and content of each essay until it perfectly communicates your personality, experiences, and goals, and sets you apart from other applicants.

As always, we offer FREE access to our Premium tiers for students from low-income households or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Explore packages for the UC Personal Insight Questions or Common Application Personal Statement Essay, or both!

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