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AP Calculus: Integration

Meet Your Instructor!



University of California, Berkeley


B.A. Data Science

B.A Economics

About Me

Hi! I'm Michael, a student at the University of California, Berkeley pursuing a double major in Data Science and Economics. I am passionate about exploring the fields of computing, data, and finance, as well as their applications to social good causes. I previously taught SAT Math, AP Calculus, and ACT Math from 2020-2022.



Class Details

Session X

Dates: 07/93/23 - 07/31/23


4 PM - 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Age: 15+

Price: $45 per hour

Number of Open Seats: 3

Class Description

AP Calculus: Integration introduces students to the most important concepts in calculus: integration. Over the course of three weeks, students will master concepts of integrals and learn about the many applications of integration. 

Course Outline

Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integration


Riemann Sums

Definite Integrals

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Integration by Substitution

Numerical Integration

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