Java for Beginners

Calling at all programmers! If you have never programmed before or have some experience, this course is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of Java and object-oriented programming.

Course Description

In Java for Beginners, instructor Dennis Han will introduce students to the basic features of the Java programming language. It is aimed to help students understand the basics of what computer development is and the real power, from making games to building full-on applications, of computer programming. This is an introduction class to Java meant for absolute beginners. No prior programming experience is required. If you are interested in learning how to code in a computer language and want to explore more about the relationship between coding and games, this one is just for you!

Subtopics Taught:

  • Basic Java Syntax

    • The “grammar” in Java

  • Variables and Data Types

    • int, double, String, char, boolean, etc.

  • Basic Operators

    • PEMDAS, < or >, modulus, truncate

  • Conditions and Boolean statements

    • if, if-else, else statements + boolean statements

  • Loops

    • for, while, do-while

  • Arrays (if time permits)

  • Arrays ArrayLists, and 2D Arrays

Date/Time: June 28-July 2 & July 5-9 | Every weekday, TIME TBD

Course Cost: $40

Instructor Name: Dennis Han

Pre-requisites: None

Spots Remaining: 5

Registration Closed

About the Instructor


Dennis Han, Instructor

Howdy! My name is Dennis Han and I'm an incoming junior at Lynbrook High School. I love coding and have been to various hackathons and coding events (A-Star). I love using Java to build small games, code during my breaks, and even compete with my friends! I've learned a lot of coding through my past high school years and can't wait to teach you guys some Java!