Course Description

Physics: 1D & 2D Motion will cover the topics in the first two chapters of the AP Physics 1 curriculum. Students DO NOT need prior experience in physics, although they should have proficiency in algebra 1. Students will use Google Classroom for files and assignments. A Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Subtopics Taught:

  • Distance, displacement, coordinate systems

  • Velocity and speed

  • Acceleration

  • Motion with constant acceleration

  • Introduction to Vectors and 2D-motion

  • Horizontally launched projectiles

  • Projectiles launched at an angle


Date/Time: June 14-18 & 21-25 | Every weekday, 10 AM - 11 AM

Course Cost: $40

Instructor Name: Hardik Maheshwari

Pre-requisites: Algebra 1

Spots Remaining: 4

Hardik Maheshwari, Instructor

Registation Closed

About the Instructor


Hi! My name is Hardik Maheshwari and I'm a senior at Lynbrook High School. At school, I am involved in the Economics Club and Data Science club. I am experienced in math and physics and in my spare time, I love to play the piano, train in martial arts, volunteer, and bike with my friends.. 

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Physics: 1D & 2D Motion

Learn important physics concepts that are part of the AP Physics 1 curriculum! This course is an introductory-level course and no pre-requisite knowledge is needed besides basic algebra skills.