Python for Beginners

Calling at all programmers! If you have never programmed before or have some experience, this course is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of Python and object-oriented programming.

Course Description

Python for Beginners will cover all the basic tools and syntax a programmer would need to use python code. Students do not need prior experience in programming. The course is designed to turn anyone into a knowledgeable coder. A Zoom link will be provided upon registration.


Subtopics Taught:

  • Fundamentals of Syntax

    • Data types, Variables, Operators, etc.

  • Control Flow

    • Booleans, Logical Operators, Conditionals​

  • Functions

    • Structures, Key Points, etc.​

  • Data Structures & Looping

    • Lists, Dictionaries, etc.

  • Modules

  • Object-Oriented Programming with Python

    • Classes, Objects, Inheritance​

  • And more!

Date/Time: June 14-18 & 21-25 | Every weekday, TBD

Course Cost: $40

Instructor Name: Muhammad Ashiq

Pre-requisites: None

Spots Remaining: 5

Registration Closed

About the Instructor


Muhammad Ashiq, Instructor

Hello! My name is Muhammad Ashiq, and I am a rising senior at Lynbrook High School. At school, I captain the wrestling team and I help run the volunteering club Paper Airplanes. Python is not only an amazing skill to learn and exceedingly useful for numerous aspects of computer science, but the language is a great deal of fun as well. I look forward to helping all of you learn and grow!