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Algebra 2: Polynomial and Rational Functions

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University of California, Berkeley


B.S. Bioengineering

About Me

Hi! I'm Anish, a freshman studying bioengineering at UC Berkeley. I'm passionate about genetics, science, and social change.



Class Details

Class Description

Session 1

Dates: 06/12/23 - 07/01/23


9:30 AM - 11 AM Pacific Standard Time

Age: 12+

Price: $40 per hour

Number of Open Seats: 3

Algebra 2: Polynomial and Rational functions introduces students to the complex number system, quadratic equations and functions, graphing, and solving equations with absolute value. These core concepts are taught in-depth over the course of three weeks with homework and extra practice catered to each student's needs and weaknesses.

NOTE: This class is the SAME as "Algebra 2: Polynomial and Rational Functions" offered in Session 2. 

Course Outline

Introduction to Polynomial Function and Models

Graphing Polynomial Functions


Polynomial Division

Theorems and Zeros of Polynomials

Rational Functions

Polynomial Inequalities

Rational Inequalities

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