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AP Calculus: Derivatives and Differentiation

Meet Your Instructor!

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Case Western Reserve University


B.S. Computer Science

About Me

I'm Ethan Fang and I'm studying computer science and mathematics with a minor in finance at Case Western Reserve University. I hope to leverage technology and artificial intelligence to make an impact on our world for a more sustainable future.



Class Details

Session 1

Dates: 06/12/23 - 06/30/23


4 PM - 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Age: 15+

Price: $45 per hour

Number of Open Seats: 3

Class Description

AP Calculus: Derivatives and Differentiation introduces students to the most important concepts in calculus: the derivative. Over the course of three weeks, students will master concepts of derivatives and its applications through practice catered to each student's needs and weaknesses.

NOTE: This class is the SAME as "AP Calculus: Derivatives and Differentiation" offered in Session 2. 

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Limits

Finding the Derivative

Basic Differentiation Rules and Rate of Change

Product and Quotient Rules

Higher Order Derivatives

Chain Rule

Implicit Differentiation

Related Rates

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